We are straightforward, honest, and consistent.  We believe in transparency and hard work.  We take pride in our work and act with professionalism.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard and believe that the bar should always be raised wherever possible. 


Our clients and customers are the reason that we’re here.  We go the extra mile to give the attention, time, and detail to all of our clients that they deserve.  Each property, each portfolio is different, and we work hard to make sure that unique needs and circumstances are recognized, met, and cared for.


We are a team of experts who specialize in property management in Thunder Bay.  We live here, understand the particular needs of this community, and appreciate the differences unique to the North.  Our team is educated and licensed, with more than 100 years combined experience in the real estate and finance industry. 


 We like what we do, and we’re passionate about it.  We provide superior management that offers peace of mind while still creating profit and growth.  Whether our clients are local or out-of-town, we offer our full support and attention to their needs, wants, and goals.  You can have peace of mind knowing that Synergy is taking care of your investment.